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Rules of Vengeance
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Verónica d'Ornellas Radziwill, Robert Fisher
Land of the Infidel
Robert Shea
Robert J. Crane
Manual of Psychomagic: The Practice of Shamanic Psychotherapy
Alejandro Jodorowsky
Heart Duel
Robin D. Owens
Noble Intentions: Season Two
L.T. Ryan
Catch Me If You Can: The True Story Of A Real Fake
Stan Redding, Frank W. Abagnale

The Dragon Head of Hong Kong

The Dragon Head of Hong Kong - Ian  Hamilton Q:
“Thank you, but I have never had a large capacity for grief. I prefer looking ahead to looking back. Swimming to Hong Kong limited my soul as well as my body. So trying new things, even at my age, holds no fear for me. I suspect you have the same spirit of independence and adventure.”
This is rather an uncharacteristic thing for a person of Chinese descent to say. The Chinese language has a propensity to place future behind and past before you. It is so because you have already lived the past you know what it holds therefore it's before your mind's eye. And what the future holds you can never tell before you have actually lived it therefore it is behind you back, unseen as of yet.
This excerpt betrays that the book was written by someone of Western culture not Chinese.

“I can’t remember the last time I drank a bottle of wine by myself,” she said.“And I cannot remember the last time I offered someone a job and they turned me down and then gave me two hundred thousand dollars,” he said with a smile.