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Legion - Robert Swartwood While I dig a good thriller, this one doesn't strike me as a well thoght-out one.

Really? The car chase, a fight inside a car hurtling along a busy street with the driver dead and the occupants scrample to put on their seat belts? They do that and they miracuously survive the said car striking at full tilt a coffee shop full of people? And the guy who put his seatbelt on is holding the gal, replacing the belt for her?? Gosh, sounds like a cross between any car manufacturer's wet dream and the alternative physics manual for producers of blockbusters.

And the son, who was hardly bothered to visit his father's gravesite, suddenly goes on to lead the chase away from his father and the gal whom he met, like, an hour earlier?

And the son's rift with the aforementioned father was brought on by the father not willing to issue his son more money to spend around on travelling and vagabonding and girls and whatnot? Ahem...

The car chase, bullets spraying, the freshly resurrected father of her childhood friend and the first thing that's bothering Ashley is whether Frank is Eli or Frank and whether Martha is Janice or not... And Ashley is supposed to be a journalist and as one she should know how to phrase a question or two, one hopes.

Weak final scene with Duncan... Grrr...