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The Informationist

The Informationist - Taylor Stevens Overall, I bit weird, a bit different though engrossing. The strategic part was with way too much emphasis. And the emotional line rather crazyish:
You get employed by a guy #1
> You run from him
>> You screw lots of guys (implied)
>>> You screw some stranger somewhere on a business trip (#2)
>>>> You turn to guy #1 for help
>>>>> You use the guy #1
>>>>>> You manipulate the poor SOB #1
>>>>>>> You love the #1
>>>>>>>> You get into a love triangle with the initial, brainy, #1 guy and another, hulkier, one #3
>>>>>>>>> The poor brainy SOB #1 dies
>>>>>>>>>> You go crazy over his death
>>>>>>>>>>> Take your revenge, scaring half the jungle (Q:“Where is she?” “Fuck if I know. If we’re lucky, she jumped overboard.”(c))
>>>>>>>>>>>> You go to Morocco to rescrew the guy #2. Nice approach to replacement, huh? What a downer...

What I don't like from the very beginning is that the timeline seemingly doesn't match:
1. Q: Each of his steps brought back the dread of her first entry into the United States. Similar doors and a similar experience—how much could have changed in nine years?(c)
2. Q: The arrangement had been going on as far back as Munroe had known him—that muggy summer night seven years before, when prejudice in a hole-in-the-wall bikers’ bar had turned to violence and she’d thrown in her lot with the underdog.(c)

From 1 follows that Vanessa hasn't been to the US for 9 years. From 2 follows she was in a fight in some godforsaken bikers' bar in the US 7 years prior. Which, in my book, is a mismatch in a plot.

3. Q: SIX YEARS AGO Kate Breeden had a thriving law practice in downtown Austin ... Breeden took what was left, put it into an investment fund, packed up, and moved to Dallas to start over.
They’d met on the Southern Methodist University campus, where Breeden had returned for an M.B.A. and Munroe was in her sophomore year. (c)
4. Q: Breeden spoke again. “It’s been two years, Michael. Consider it a good omen. Come on home.”(c)
5. Q: Now came the possibility of an assignment far outside the area of her expertise, and for that reason it intrigued her—that, and the fact that she had not returned to the continent of her birth since abruptly departing it nine years ago. (c)

Well, from 1-5 it is clear that the chronology is all over the place. Obviously, at some point the author changed her opinion concerning the geography of VMM but didn't follow up on it throughout the plot. Which is too bad since it makes me one cranky reader. Grrrrrowl!

And don't even get me started on the villain(s). Naive, that's their second name!

Still, the narrative is really different from this reading segment which guarantees the book its 5 stars. I always praise originality and novelty more than anything.
Basically, this book clicked quite a bit with me, which gets it bonus points.